Let’s Get Tropical: Over 60 Cocktail Recipes from Caribbean Classics to Modern Tiki Drinks by Georgi Radev

Just like a tropical cocktail, this book was fun. Coming in at just 144 pages, “Let’s Get Tropical” is short and sweet but manages to give a nice introduction to the flavorful world of the tropical cocktail. Besides a very short introduction on how rum is made and what kind of tropical spirits are available, there are also about sixty recipes with mouthwatering pictures and easy graphics.

Most of the recipes are labeled as classics, such as the Piña Colada, the Daiquiri and the Mai Tai. If you have some knowledge about cocktails you will probably be familiar with all of those already, but I liked the addition of the modern twists and the alcohol-free versions.

The few new and modern cocktails are nothing spectacular and include more unusual ingredients, but it is nice to see what mixologists come up with these days when it comes to tropical drinks. I may not necessarily make them at home myself, but they give a nice idea on what to do if you want to create your own recipes. The most valuable part of the book was the base recipe to make your own punch, something which always puzzled me in the past when I tried to make a big batch for a party.

Even though I didn’t learn many new things, except for some short history behind the cocktails I have always loved, I like having a one-stop book for all my tropical cocktail needs, most of which can be made with ingredients you already have in your kitchen and liquor cabinet.


I received a digital galley of this book via NetGalley.

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