Brunch the Sunday Way by Alan Turner & Terence Williamson

I love Sunday brunch, not the boozy kind, although a cocktail never hurts, but the friendly kind where wholesome and beautiful dishes are served. Unable to go out for brunch because of the COVID-19 quarantine, Brunch the Sunday Way proved the perfect antidote to the Sunday blues.

When I first downloaded this cookbook, attracted by the cover which, when cleverly designed as this one is, does indeed sell, I had no idea Sunday refers to a London brunch hotspot. If you are not the brunch type, you can still enjoy this cookbook. I am a firm believer in breakfast/brunch for dinner, and many of the dishes covered here will taste just as fulfilling served for dinner.

Brunch the Sunday Way is divided into seven categories — eggs, toast, waffles, specialties, baking, jams and drinks — and offers something for all tastes. I solely base that on my own experiences; I have no dietary restrictions, so I could (but probably shouldn’t) eat every dish in this book. The recipes range from pure British, to Mexican to Mediterranean, and all are accompanied by gorgeous pictures.

I think the hallmark of many brunch hotspots is the instagrammable aspect of their food creations, and this feeling is certainly present in this book. Swamped with cookbooks I try not to buy any more, but if I saw Brunch the Sunday Way in my bookstore, I would not hesitate to take it home. I enjoy cooking: I am quite good at preparing food but horrible at presentation, so I appreciate it very much when food is presented in an appealing way. After all, we do eat with our eyes as well.

Yes, some recipes are very detailed and elaborate, but you can always substitute certain ingredients. If all else fails, you can at least look at the gorgeous pictures and use these recipes as inspiration to create your own. Seeing how even a seemingly simple dish such as waffles or eggs can be an elaborate process, it does make me appreciate even more the hard work people put in at restaurants. I’d be the first in line to try Sunday next time I am in London, but in the meantime I will take out my pan and get those eggs cracking.

Thanks to NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review


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